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Notes from the Parish Council May Meeting

Election of Chairman & Vice-Chairman:

John Covill was unanimously elected as Chairman and

Andrew Camps was unanimously elected as Vice-Chairman.

Confirmation of PC Representatives for Village


Confirmation of RFO & PCRF:

The Parish has a full Parish Council of 9 members, namely;

Following the annual elections as above, John Covill took the meeting as Chairman with 6 Parish Councillors and 2 members of the Public. Minutes of Meeting 9th April 2009: These were agreed.

John Jordan ran through his Powerpoint Presentation for the Annual Village Meeting. Everyone thanked him for his hard work in putting this together.


CCC: Cllr Hazel Williams reported to the meeting

ECDC: Cllr Allen Alderson reported to the meeting.

Correspondence Received:


Highways - Mill Hill, Swaffham Prior - JFHMI 2008/09 (traffic calming measures).

Application details for JFHMI 2010/11 Bidding Round (Jointly Funded Minor Highways Improvements)

Planning Permission for School mobile classroom

Cambridgeshire Play Pathfinder Project.


Senior Tree Officer -approval of tree works at The Old Vicarage, 72 High Street and 1 Station Road.

ECDC - Planning:

Refusal of Planning Permission -The Cottage, Mill Hill -demolish existing single storey cloakroom, extension to form ground floor bathroom and kitchen, first floor study.


Equality and Human Rights -Public Sector Duties

CPALC -Briefing Note on "Power of Well-Being"

Minutes Arising from Previous Minutes (for information only)

General discussion.

Repairs to Village Car Park and Driveway: Geoffrey Woollard met with Martin Mead on site and reported to the meeting on their discussions. The meeting concluded that there would be little benefit in laying tarmac on the driveway and the car park needed only cutting back and tidying at this time. Eric Day said he would continue to fill in the potholes to the driveway and everyone thanked him for his help. A grit/salt bin was to be purchased and installed towards the end of the year to help during the winter months.

Cemetery Maintenance -clearing of spoil heap: Prices to be confirmed for this work and agreed at the next meeting.

Repairs to outside Walls of the Pound, Cage Hill: Meeting with Conservation Officer at ECDC pending. Item carried forward to June meeting.

Consideration of Planning Application for 28 High Street -proposed single and two storey extension to the rear and re-building of existing barn to incorporate as living accommodation as part of the main house, together with associated internal and external alterations. Ref: 09/00310/FUL. There were no objections.

Approval & Signing of Annual Audit Return including Governance Statement: The accounts were approved by the Internal Auditor and the Parish Council and signed. The Audit Return would be submitted to the External Auditor following the end of the period of public notice (28/5/09) for final approval.

Accounts for Payment: These were agreed.

Parish Councillors' Reports:

Geoffrey Woollard told the meeting that the long awaited roof repairs to the 'Little Chapel in the Fen'had now been completed. He recorded his thanks to all those who contributed to this project.

John Covill had attending a meeting of the National Trust and reported with particular reference to the bridge to be built over the Reach Lode (partly in SP Parish). He also explained that as part of the NT spinal route there would need to be quite a lot of signage to direct cyclists, walkers, etc., using this route in the Fen.

Open Question Time:

General items of information.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, 11th June 2009 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

All are welcome to attend.

Karen King -Clerk to the Parish Council