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The Anglesey Group Mothers' Union

AT OUR MARCH MEETING Wendy Lovell was our Speaker. As I said in one of my previous articles Wendy has become an "old friend" to many of us as she has been to speak to before. It was very good to have her with us again as she always gives such an interesting talk! Her subject was "Women's Aid" , of which we already knew something through our links with Cambridgeshire Women's Aid.

However, wearing her hat as Chairperson of Northamptonshire Women's Aid, Wendy was able to give us a real "hands on" insight into the work that goes on at Women's Refuges and at the end of the afternoon we were left full of admiration for her and the people who do such sterling work for these women in need. She gave us "case studies" of 5 people who had been in the Northamptonshire hostels and it was an amazing eye opener for us as they certainly weren't the type of people we would expect to be taking refuge in a Women's Hostel. She opened our eyes to the enormous needs and difficult situations of women in our communities and we are so grateful to Wendy for sharing this with us. It was an extremely interesting afternoon and it was so good to have her with us again.

Since our Meeting I have to say that sadly one of our members died very suddenly. Pat Bourne (who actually gave the vote of thanks to Wendy on that afternoon) died on Friday 1st May. She brought humour to our Meetings and always had interesting questions to ask and comments to make. We shall all miss her. We send our very best wishes to her family and will remember them in our prayers. Richard Ayres MBE will be coming to speak about "Kirtling Towers Gardens" on Thursday 18 June. The time and place is the same as usual -2.30pm in Lode Chapel -and everyone is very welcome!

Pauline Lewis