The Swaffham Crier Online


ALLEGEDLY, when a local political representative found themselves getting some critical coverage from the Crier, they expressed the opinion that this must because we were all a load of Tories. But at other times, we've equally been seen as the corresponding load of all-too-Liberal Lefties.

Long-time residents will know that the United Front of Swaffham Prior (sometimes, sometimes!) has little to do with Party Lines, and having said this, we'd like to put in a word for our MP, Jim Paice. Jim helped us out when they wanted to cancel our buses, and readers may be glad to know he is not implicated in the great expenses scandal now gripping the nation, (see Letters) or the nation's news, at any rate.

Many apologies, no coverage of the Village Assembly in this issue (the end of the month seems to have caught everyone hopping) but John Jordan must again take a bow: his slides make such a difference to this event. What's more, we think his apostrophe was in entirely the right place (he'd put "children's playground" and everyone told him he was wrong. Poor John waivered a bit, and finally opted for the noapostrophe- at-all option).

Our new Village Hall committee masterminded a brilliant Feast, and have great plans for next year. Now is the time for all the moaning but-we-used-to-have-this minnies to get in touch with Nathan for a few ideas. Oh, but we would like horses again! What is a village do without horses? Too much legislation and not enough space, we suppose. But the Feast used to be on Town Close (That's the children's playground plus hinterland, if you're new to the village), and funnily enough, this month some vandals have knocked down the fence that divides it.

No, we didn't put them up to it, and we do hope we're not in for another Summer of Discontent. The last time disaffected youthful persons strode the streets and made a nuisance of themselves (summer of ?) it ended in complete victory for the parental classes. Yes, we'll know who you are, O vandalising persons, and, more to the point, who your Mum is- that's the rub! See you at our FESTIVAL!

Caroline Matheson