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The Reading Group Reads - The Da Vinci Code

ABOUT 10 of us met up at the Mathesons' on 1st December to discuss Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code. I emphasise the word "novel" as this book has caused much discussion among its readership about the authenticity of events and information contained within it. (Over Christmas I have been reading The Rough Guide to The Da Vinci Code and would recommend it to anyone wishing to following up Brown's story). But I digress: the reading group declared it to be a "page turner" and perhaps written with the aim of seeing it produced as a film. We have agreed to make a reading group outing to the cinema when it is shown in Cambridge, perhaps in 2005. Much was said about Brown's writing, his characters, plot and loose use of vague scholarship. It was worth the read, if only to understand what the fuss is all about. Apparently something like 17 books have been written about The Da Vinci Code since it was published in 2003. It gave us plenty to talk about that evening.

If you enjoy reading and would like the opportunity to discuss a book with some friends and neighbours, please join in at one of the future meetings. The intention is to meet on the first Wednesday of every month and it is Janet Cooper's turn to host the next meeting on Wednesday, 5th January at 41 High Street. We will be talking about Monica Ali's Brick Lane. After that, the proposal is Anthony Trollope's He Knew He Was Right on the 2nd February.

Ann Hollingsworth