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The Final Stage - Goodwin Farm

The East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) Strategic Development Committee met on Tuesday 9th November in the Council Chamber, Ely. Agenda Item No:12 was the 'Consultation Results on Site Options for Development and Infrastructure'.

Questionnaire 1: Site Allocations Options Paper.

The Summary of Responses (Site Allocations Options Paper) is 40 pages long and can be read following link (3) below but it was Question 11.1 the proposed 9 sites for Gypsy and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople that interested the residents of Swaffham Prior.

A total of 1,047 people responded to this question, from which 929 specific comments were made. Most respondents were opposed to the options although limited support was given to the sites at Church Road, Wentworth and at Grunty Fen Road, Wichford. The lowest proportion of support was expressed for gypsy site development on land east of Goodwin Farm in Swaffham Prior (only 0.7% of respondents to this question, supported the proposal) -see Figure .

Questionnaire 2: Initial Sustainability Appraisal.

A total of 690 responses were received on the Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report. Of these, 678 relate to the gypsy site option at Goodwin Farm, Swaffham Prior. Only 12 other comments were received.

Given the high level of public opposition to both Consultation Documents, The Principal Forward Planning Officer's recommended to the Committee that

"Goodwin Farm in Swaffham Prior should not be progressed as a gypsy, traveller and travelling showpeople option"

Not only was this proposal adopted by the committee, but given the high level of community involvement it was clear that not just Heath Road, but the whole area of Swaffham Prior should be excluded for any future consideration -this was voted on and adopted unanimously.

Should you wish to read the various documents in full, please follow these links:

  1. Strategic Development Committee Agenda 9th November 2010
  2. Consultation Results on Site Options for Development & Infrastructure
  3. Appendix 2 to the above -Summary of Responses

David Greenfield - SP ECDC LDF Steering Committee Chairman